30 Day Finance Challenges to try in 2019

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With 2019 underway, many of us have began working towards achieving our New Years Resolutions. It's important to build good habits to reach our goals for the end of the year, so Concord Rents is issuing these 30 day personal finance challenges to help you save money!


Challenge 1: Track Your Spending

On pen & paper or your favorite phone app (like YNAB), keep track of every penny you spend. You may already have an idea of where your money is going, but seeing it in numbers allows you to organize and find out exactly how much you're spending and where you are spending. With this information, it will allow you to make smart decisions on how to budget and where to cut expenses.

To complete this challenge: have 30 days of spending written down and organized by category.

Challenge 2: Manage Insurance and Subscriptions

Take a minute to think about your monthly coverages and subscriptions. Are you paying too much? Are you getting a fair return for what you are paying for? Whether it's your renter’s insurance or your cell phone service provider, there could be a better deal out there for you. Call your current providers and see if they're running any specials, or find an alternative that will save you money while still providing the services or coverage you need.

To complete this challenge: receive a quote from a different company and learn if there are any discounts or promotions available from current companies by the thirtieth day. Don't change or cut any of your services unless you feel confident after researching.

Challenge 3: Cook More Meals

Spending too much money on take-out and eating out can easily throw off your budget. Cooking meals in bulk and storing extras in your refrigerator and freezer to eat later can have a huge positive effect on personal finance. Also, shopping sales and off-brand items will also stretch your dollar. Lastly, you can use this time to learn some new recipes!

To complete this challenge: limit the amount of times you go out to eat or order takeout for the entire month, and go a full week with eating only home-cooked meals.

Challenge 4: Participate in a Free Activity

If you find that you're spending too much money for entertainment, such as going to the movies, this is a great opportunity to search for local free activities. Take a walk in the park, visit a museum on a day of free entry, or plan a board game night with some friends. Volunteering for events will also give you free admission as a reward for volunteering. The goal of this challenge is to show that spending money isn't always a requirement to have some fun.

To complete this challenge: by the end of the month, find a free replacement for a current paid activity that you take part in on a regular basis.


Hopefully after completing one (or all) of these challenges, you'll find some great habits to carry along for the entire year and into 2020!

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