ConcordRENTS Goes Green with Solar Innovation

ConcordRENTS is known for Affordability, Convenience and Comfort. And today, we believe it’s more important than ever to add something new —GREEN! While energy consumption continues to increase, ConcordRENTS is committed to doing our part by investing in energy-efficient appliances and producing a clean energy alternative by installing photovoltaic solar panels at our communities. Solar power is one of the most beneficial forms of renewable energy because it produces no emissions or pollutants, which helps to reduce the overall impact of our energy consumption on the environment. 

Going Green for ConcordRENTS

We are now providing power to our corporate office and 26 of our communities with clean solar energy. This renewable source helps power common areas and serves a secondary benefit of reducing operating costs.

Keeping Florida Beautiful

While solar is very much a forward-looking investment in the future of Florida’s energy, it is also part of our commitment to keeping the Sunshine State beautiful. In fact, our current solar production is estimated to reduce enough CO2 emissions to preserve approximately 77,000 acres of forestland within the 30-year projected lifetime. That’s a lot of land!

We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint while solving today’s high-demand energy needs. Solar has proven a clean and effective way to produce the energy our buildings can use while reducing our impact on the environment and providing a better future.

Over Three Million Kilowatts of Solar Energy Generated

To put our solar energy generation into perspective, the standard light bulb used for an average of 3 hours a day, requires approximately 411 kWh every month. Collectively, our solar plants currently generate 3,072,480 kWh in the course of a year! By allowing solar power to keep more than just the lights on, it helps offset operating costs for our buildings as we maintain overall quality for our residents.

Savings that Show

Floridians know the pain of high electricity bills with Florida being one of the most expensive states against the national average. It's estimated that the average Floridian pays over $160 per month in electricity. Solar power offers a savings of around $1,500 per home in a state that has electricity prices trending upwards. Since 2021, electricity rates have increased approximately 20% and that trend is expected to continue with an additional increase in April 2023, making solar power even more valuable as time goes on.

Our Journey to Green

As a leader in affordable rental housing communities, ConcordRENTS strives to deliver the best service for our customers—inclusive of navigating superior means to power our communities.