Team Member - Success Stories

Kimberly C.
Leasing Professional - Retreat at Valencia

Kimberly C. – Leasing Professional, has demonstrated that she is a team players since the day of her interview. On the day of her interview, a Spanish speaking resident came in and at that time we did not have anyone in the office who spoke Spanish. Kimberly immediately took charge and assisted the resident in communicating with us. Since joining Retreat at Valencia, she has continued to assist residents by going above and beyond. She takes initiative to complete office duties without being requested to do so. Kimberly never complains about doing all the work most of us dread, such as distributing notices to 300+ apartments or taking the initiative to walk down unitsregularly to ensure they are quickly prepared to rent. Every Tuesday she makes sure the pest control list has every unit that needs to be serviced so we can get our property pest free. This is all done without being requested to do these tasks. Thank you, Kimberly, for being an enjoyable co-worker and a valuable asset to the success of your team!

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Rob R.
Maintenance Manager - Bridgewater Club

Rob R. – Maintenance Manager, embraces teamwork and collaborates well with others. Rob is quick to help any team member who may be struggling in a task or project, and is the first person to offer assistance. He will usually build his schedule each day around helping other team members, including other communities’ needs. Rob provides his own in house training classes for his team regularly, which involves a variety of topics to help team members increase their knowledge. He has built a strong team by guidance, continual training, open communication, and motivation. If you ever thank Rob for helping a team member or another community, Rob will normally respond by saying "One team, One fight". Thank you, Rob, for making a huge difference in helping others to succeed! See less

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Brian B.
Cafe Recertification Superviso Compliance

Café Recertification Supervisor, is recognized by both leadership and the members of his team for his outstanding customer service and professionalism. Concord’s Compliance Director states that Brian is truly a definition of exceptional customer service. He is the first to arrive and the last to leave each day, and maintains a positive attitude throughout the course of the day. Brian is always available to answer questions, listen to a concern regarding a file, or help train a team member. A few of the many positive comments received by the members of his team include: ? I look forward to coming in to work because of Brian. ? Brian is extremely knowledgeable and explains things well. He is very patient, fair, and an amazing boss. ? Brian is available for questions 100% of the time. ? When it comes to customer service, I think of Brian Bailey. He comes in ready to tackle the day with a smile and is always there when you need him. ? Brian is a great role model for us all by consistently demonstrating the “golden rule”. I couldn’t ask for a better supervisor. ? Brian is always willing to help no matter what (even though he is always busy). He is a very caring, patient, understanding, and outstanding individual. He treats everyone with the upmost respect, acknowledgement, and appreciation. Thank you, Brian, for your exceptional level of customer service and professionalism that enables the Recertification Team to provide great support to our residents!

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Angel O.
Assistant Maintenance - Manager Fountains at Millenia

Assistant Maintenance Manager, has a wealth of knowledge and his passion for the business of property management is impressive. He cares about the community and its residents more than anyone I have ever worked with. Angel is a great leader and extremely hard worker. He takes pride in maintaining the community and is amazing with the residents. Thank you, Angel, for your focus on customer service that is appreciated by your fellow team members and residents!

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Wendell P.
Maintenance Manager - Fountains at Falkenburg

Maintenance Manager, goes above and beyond for the community’s residents. As an example, a resident shared with us that Wendell went to her unit to complete a work order and that he was super-respectful and knowledgeable. She stated that in addition to promptly completing the work order, Wendell painted the ceiling that had a water stain from a previous leak. The community frequently has residents praise him for his hard work and dedication. Wendell always comes in with a smile on his face and he prides himself with keeping the community well maintained. Thank you, Wendell, for being a role model for the core values of customer service and professionalism!

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Brent N.
Sr. Desktop Support Analyst

He effectively communicates by taking his time to ensure team members understand the process of what is needed and why. The first example is the communication provided to resolve an issue for a team member when the password function in Edge would not retain passwords. A second example is the assistance provided to a team member struggling with an Excel issue. This team member reviewed the issue with Brent and then he patiently guided them on how to pursue resolution. Brent is further recognized as an effective communicator, as although he is busy, he always follows up on concerns that are brought to his attention to ensure that they have been satisfactorily resolved. Thank you, Brent, for being a great IT resource who takes the time to effectively assist those who are in need of technical expertise!

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Robert M.
Resident Maintenance Manager - Malabar Cove

He epitomizes the positive aspects of "bamboo”, which are strength and flexibility! He is quickly able to adapt to changes that occur especially when it comes to our vendors. As an example, upon the community learning that a painter could not make the scheduled date for work to be completed, Robert quickly reacted and wasin his mask and painting clothes to get the job done. This enabled the carpet to be installed asscheduled onthe next day, and keptthe make ready on target.Thank you, Robert, for always being adaptable and willing to meet the changing priorities at Malabar Cove!

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Jason G.
Community Director - Belle Isle

Applies his knowledge to have his community consistently achieve success, as well as assisting with Concord initiatives that benefit all of our communities. Upon new initiatives being introduced, he frequently develops effective tracking and controls to aid his team. Examples include entering memos in Yardi to track water sub metering repairs or maintenance to assist with 2022 budget planning, and developing a process for his team to track the “Renew for Two” offers and corresponding rents. Due to his knowledge and willingness to assist, Jason is frequently requested to help pilot new initiatives and validate VRC notices prior to them being released to all communities. His team is currently participating in the enhanced wait list pilot and has validated each notice related to our April 2022 rent increase for tax credit residents. Thank you, Jason, for your knowledge that has enabled your community to succeed, as well as assisting with initiatives that benefit all of our communities!

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Alice F.
Assistant Community Director - Hammock Harbor

Alice Farber, Hammock Harbor –AssistantCommunity Director, has many great attributes that include beingvery obliging when it comes to accepting any requested assignment. Alice has supported communities by working at ones located as far away as Palm Coast,Florida. She has worked at multiple properties many times, even though her preference is to be at only one property. Alice quickly adapts to work effectively with residents and team members with different personality types. Alice is a tremendous asset to the company and herfellow team members are delighted to work with her. Thank you, Alice, foralways being counted on to say YES!

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Greg M.
Maintenance Manager

Greg M., Amelia Court – Maintenance Manager, has a wealth of knowledge and skills that he has brought to Concord and Amelia Court. His previous experience at a variety of property types has given him the knowledge to be successful at Amelia Court. He has a firm understanding of Concord’s policies and procedures. Greg is very effective in assisting his team to become proficient at their responsibilities by passing knowledge to his team members and encouraging their advancement. Greg is also recognized for his commitment to train and develop new team members at both Amelia Court and nearby sister communities. Thank you, Greg, for using your knowledge to aptly maintain Amelia Court and develop Concord team members that enables them to achieve career success!

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Rosalinda F.
Centralized Analytics Director

Rosa F, CSC – Centralized Analytics Director, demonstrates a high level of knowledge pertaining to centralized analytics processes that impact Operations. She keeps very good documentation and as processes are updated or changed, she tracks these changes as they occur to keep historical records of what was decided, by whom and when. She is an excellent resource when questions arise about any of her team's processes and can quickly determine what happened and why. Thank you, Rosa, for your knowledge of both onsite an internal operations that have led to successful implementation of many centralized processes!

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Erick G.
Maintenance Manager

Erick G, Maintenance Manager – Fountains at Falkenburg, is an enthusiastic, dedicated team member who consistently displays professionalism and customer service with every work order that he completes. His rapport with vendors is also professional and courteous. He has conducts himself with patience and persistence tackling difficult projects. Since midSeptember Erick has been a one-man operation, and despite this being a challenge, he has no complaints. Outstanding work orders in the community have come down to under 10, in contrast to when he took over, when the count was well over 80. Erick has been able to show his professional skills when dealing with difficult residents that may become unreasonable, as he is compassionate and takes the time to explain and teach them about their apartment so that they can better understand and be more knowledgeable in the future. Erick exemplifies the definition of customer service and professionalism with patience and a smile, no matter how large the challenge or how difficult the resident's complaints. Thank you, Erick, for being a stellar team member whose contributions make Fountains at Falkenburg a better place for its residents!

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Doug N.
Maintenance Manager, Southwinds Cove

Doug Nicol, Southwinds Cove – Maintenance Manager, has encountered multiple maintenance staff challenges over the past few years. Since Doug's transition to Southwinds as the Maintenance Manager in late 2020, he has really taken ownership of the community. Specifically, he is always on top of tackling issues pertaining to the irrigation system. Doug has taken the time to understand the inner workings of the system. These proactive actions have helped the community avoid major irrigation and landscaping problems that could have cost large sums in the future. Doug takes responsibility for everything that he does, and he takes great pride in his work and his community. He is proactive and gets ahead of issues before they have an adverse impact. Thank you, Doug, for being a tremendous asset to Southwinds Cove and Concord as a whole!

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Krista L.
Senior Community Director - Watervue at Longwood, Moss Park

Krista Lai, Senior Community Director, is recognized for assisting a team member who returned to Concord after having left the company almost 10 years ago. Krista was assigned to be their mentor and filled that role in an exemplary manner. She is very knowledgeable and her teaching demeanor is impressive. Krista carries herself with a calm and caring persona that is genuine, and entertains all questions with clear and logical responses. She makes herself available to assist with any issue. Leaders like Krista make taking on the challenges of new job so much easier. Thank you, Krista, for your knowledgeable support in helping a new team member be successful in their position!

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Rhonda C.
Regional Maintenance / Training Director

Rhonda C, Regional Maintenance / Training Director, is always willing to help new team members start on a path of success at Concord. Rhonda is a patient and knowledgeable trainer that makes the learning process smooth, which enables team members to be productive more quickly in their new positions. In addition, Rhonda is always eager to help a community in need. This includes routinely working on site to assist with staff shortages. Those who have had the opportunity to work with Rhonda, are most grateful for her many contributions to ensure Concord’s success. Thank you, Rhonda, for being a true professional and helping so many team members and communities succeed!

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Allison W.
Application Support Supervisor

Allison W, CSC – Application Support Supervisor, assumed the responsibility of working leaseups almost one year ago. Since that time, she has been responsible for four additional lease ups and has adapted to these new assignments. Allison assumed this responsibility while continuing to effectively perform her other job responsibilities, which includes effectively managing her 10 team members. Her focus has been to get application files approved in a timely manner by working with applicants, Operations, and Compliance. This not an easy task, as each lease-up has unique priorities and expectations. Thank you, Allison, for adapting to these changes that represent a true testament to your character and value to Concord!

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Stephen S.
Maintenance Manager

Stephen S, Floater – Maintenance Manager, is exceptionally adaptable as his schedule changes unexpectedly at moment’s notice and Stephen always complies with a willing and positive attitude. He also prioritizes his schedule and daily tasks to accelerate his productivity. Stephen is knowledgeable, follows the procedures set forth by Concord, and trains new team members to follow these valuable procedures. The communities he supports are grateful for his accountability, adaptability, and openness to new initiatives. Thank you, Stephen, for your knowledge and dedication that have benefited the communities you support and continue to make Concord successful!

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Rosel P.
Floating Maintenance Manager

Rosel is acknowledged for his hard work and dedication. As my Floating Maintenance Manager, Rosel is in high demand not only in my portfolio, but is often asked to help out other portfolios when needed. He never disappoints and gives 100% wherever he goes. I often hear how nice it would be if we could clone him, as he’s that good. Recently he was pulled to help out at Amelia Court and I received an e-mail from the Maintenance Manager that really just speaks for Rosel’s work ethic no matter where he goes. His e-mail read “I wanted to personally thank you for sending Rosel to our property to help out! All I can say is WOW, he is a GREAT worker!!! I’m truly grateful for you sending him!” It really felt great to receive an e-mail like this and honestly I would have expected nothing less. Rosel deserves this acknowledgment and so much more!

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Cari J.
Business Analytics Specialist, Corporate Office

Cari was so helpful when the compactor at Lee Vista went down at 4:55 p.m. on a Friday. I contacted Cari and she immediately got to work and was able secure an open top for the next day. She was a lifesaver!

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Jose A.L.
Maintenance Manager, Fountains at San Remo

Jose Anaya Lopez, Fountains at San Remo – Maintenance Manager, has been a wonderful leader for those that have worked with him in maintenance since he began his career in 2015 at the Fountains at San Remo. Many team members who have had the opportunity to work with Jose have moved onto bigger properties, as well as being promoted. This is due to Jose taking the time to teach team members all that he knows so they are prepared to be successful. He also engages with residents and participates in resident functions. Jose is hard working, quick, thorough, and a great asset to Concord. Thank you, Jose, for your team orientation that has provided so many team members with a solid foundation for continued career success at Concord!

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