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Our Management Team

Maritza R.
Regional Manager

Maritza, Regional Manager, is recognized for the encouragement she provides her teams. She consistently encourages her Community Directors and Service Managers to share ideas, strategies, and accomplishments with one another. Through this process they find the best way to streamline practices to become more efficient. In addition, Maritza’s knowledge and guidance enables her individual communities to combine their efforts and talents to achieve more as a collective group. She is always there to support her communities (even on her days off) and encourages them to support each other along the way. Maritza lends these same talents to develop relationships with other departments to foster effective teamwork across the organization. Maritza’s commitment to developing effective teams that accomplish more by working together is much appreciated!

Jordan C.
Senior Business Analyst

Jordan, Senior Business Analyst, through his business analytics reporting is an integral part of Concord’s success on key initiatives. He consistently demonstrates his commitment to customer service by listening to the needs of his internal customers, and then acting to provide information needed to help them make informed decisions or to monitor progress on key initiatives. Examples of his support include developing reporting to monitor progress on the Florida 2018 tax abatement initiative, providing assistance for payroll initiatives, and now developing reporting to support the pilot of new software related to onsite maintenance inspections. During interactions with others, Jordan is always respectful, considerate, and cooperative. Thank you, Jordan, for demonstrating your willingness to provide information that enables Concord to make the proper decisions to continue its success!

Rosel P.
Service Manager

Rosel, Floating Service Manager, focuses on team goals and prioritizes his own work to make sure those goals are met. As Rosel assists his sites, he becomes a part of their teams and participates in their team functions. Recently during capital preparation it was noted that several projects were completed and looked exceptional, and when an inquiry was made as to who completed the work, it was Rosel. He is always there to help others meet their deadlines and uses teamwork on a daily basis to accomplish his objectives. Rosel is quick to volunteer whenever a community needs assistance. Rosel’s communities feel that they are lucky to have him as an integral member of their teams. Thank you, Rosel, for your exceptional team efforts which result in the completion of a large quantity of high quality work!

Shawn N.
Regional Maintenance Coordinator

Shawn, Regional Maintenance Coordinator, puts the needs of others before his own. He takes the utmost pride in the communities he support, checks in to make sure things are going in the proper direction, is attentive to fellow team members’ needs, and provides great follow-up! Recently while visiting River Ridge, he was made aware of a plumbing issue at Dean Woods which was causing water to back up into a resident’s tub. He went over immediately to meet and work with the plumber so that the clog could be promptly resolved. Shawn is always willing help with anything that could improve a team member’s or resident’s day. He has incredible ideas and always projects positive energy. Shawn is much appreciated and respected by his fellow team members for his exceptional customer service and professionalism!

Debbie G.
Team Member Services Support Analyst

Debbie, Team Member Services Support Analyst, is a 21-year team member at Concord. Debbie works behind the scenes to ensure that The Compass reflects current processes, the Resident Handbook provides proper guidance, and the approximate 2,000 contracts that she completes each year are accurate for our communities and support departments. Each contract requires communication with Concord team members as well as with each of the many vendors Concord does business with. One of the keys to Debbie’s ongoing success to accurately complete large volumes of work is her ability to articulate both verbally and in writing in a clear, concise and timely manner. Debbie is a wonderful example of an exceptional communicator. Thank you, Debbie, for your communication skills that enable our team members, residents, and vendors to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities!

Andrea M.
Centralized Specialist

Andrea, Centralized Processing Specialist, is recognized by her team for being adaptable when a key resource departed the team earlier this year. Andrea adapted by quickly learning the functions of move-ins, move-outs, and credit adjustments. Most recently she was proactive in becoming knowledgeable of the new lease renewal processes. Her fellow team members state that Andrea is a hard working individual who is able to take on any task no matter how difficult, and makes the work environment wonderful. Andrea always finds a way to find a solution to an obstacle, and performs her work with great precision and accuracy. Thank you, Andrea, for adapting and leading your fellow team members through change!

Tamira W.
Leasing Professional

Tamira, Leasing Professional at Coastline Cove, adapts according to the needs of her prospects, applicants, team members, and vendors. Everyone who meets her is impressed by her professionalism, positive attitude and can-do mentality. Tamira was a major asset during our tax abatement project. Recently, Tamira took to heart Management's 99% occupancy goal. She single-handedly (with a little help from her team, of course) took the community’s occupancy from 94% to over 97% - just from Monday to Friday! Even more amazing is that her community is a 50% market rate property with QC rates. She knows her customers; she is their advocate and their voice of reason. She loves her community and Concord, and it shows in everything she does. When a customer comes through that door she immediately focuses on them with her famous smile, friendly voice, and helpful demeanor sparkles. Thank you, Tamira, for your ability to adapt and focus which consistently contributes to Coastline Cove’s success!

Frank B.
Service Manager

Frank, Service Manager at Belle Isle, demonstrates knowledge on just about everything at his community. Very rarely is an outside contractor required to perform work at Belle Isle, as Frank is able to do almost all of the work with his team. His vast knowledge allows his team to repair large water mains for irrigation, repair and replace exterior lighting, and so much more. Having the knowledge to perform all these tasks on site is a true example of demonstrating exceptional performance. Thank you, Frank, for demonstrating your knowledge to maintain Belle Isle. You provide a great example for others to follow!

Norma C.
Community Director

Norma, Community Director at Newnan Crossings, is recognized demonstrating on a daily basis her knowledge of Concord’s policies and procedures. Combined with her knowledge, Norma infuses her pride of working at Concord with her team. Norma is quick to provide guidance to members of her team so they can be successful in completing their work, including her knowledge of maintenance. Norma leads the team at Newnan Crossings to give their residents great service, which shows as soon as you enter their community. Thank you, Norma, for maintaining and sharing your knowledge. You make your team proud to be part of the Concord family!

Elise L.
Asst. Community Director

Elise, Assistant Community Director at River Ridge, is proactive in handling day to day operations at her community and consistently meets deadlines. Elise demonstrates this by completing recertifications and renewals on time, handling resident issues without escalation to her multi-site manager, and providing excellent customer service to all customers. In January, Elise closed the month with zero delinquency and maintained 100% occupancy the entire month! She is quick to step up and help other sites when they are in need. Elise leads the team to accomplish their goals. Recently she assisted Vista Pine during their lease up and has covered PTO at sister communities, while still meeting her goals and responsibilities at her site. Thank you, Elise, for holding yourself to a high level of accountability which is an integral part of your community’s success!

Jorge C.
Service Technician

Jorge, recently promoted to the position of Service Technician at Brooke Commons, is recognized for his tremendous team spirt. The team was recently without an Assistant Service Manager and Service Technician, and at the time as a Groundskeeper, Jorge dove right in to help the Service Manager. He worked to complete make readies to ensure the move ins could occur on time and complete service requests to ensure residents’ needs were met, while keeping up with his normal job duties. Jorge is a team player and does whatever he's asked to achieve community goals. He always keeps a positive attitude and embraces any task he's assigned with open arms. Thank you, Jorge, for your commitment to your Brooke Commons team!

Jason M.
IT Programmer Analyst

Jason, IT Programmer Analyst, is always on top of his game. Jason consistently completes any tasks that have been designated to him on time. Not only does he complete the assignment, but he often suggests additional functions users can benefit from, which makes programs used at Concord more efficient and user friendly. Jason is known for always being ready to overcome any problem with a positive approach and loves a challenge. He has a constant thirst for knowledge and jumps on the opportunity to put that knowledge to action. Above all he is humble and helpful to his fellow team members. Thank you, Jason, for being proactive in developing system solutions that are an exceptional resource for Concord’s team members!