Team Member - Success Stories

Wayne R.
Service Manager

Wayne R, Westwood Club – Service Manager, is recognized for being a great asset to his team. With Westwood Club and Woodlake Club being 15 minutes away from each other, the staff at the two communities really depend on each other. During the time that Woodlake Club was without a Service Manager, Wayne was at the community at the drop of a hat to make sure that what needed to get done, actually got done. This is especially true for emergencies. On January 16th when a fire occurred at Woodlake, Wayne came over to assist the Woodlake service team solely because he knew it happened and thought he could be of help to them. Wayne understands the importance of each member of the team and cultivates teamwork. Thank you, Wayne, for your daily commitment to team work which contributes to the success of both Westwood Club and Woodlake Club!

Patti J.
Community Director

Patti J, Club at Eustis – Community Director, readily assists her sister communities with their Section 8 questions, inspections, paper work, and filling vacant units. No matter what community Patti may be at, she always makes herself available to others as being only a phone call away. If someone is out sick or on vacation, she takes the initiative to provide needed assistance to that community. Patti is super friendly and always helps with a smile. If she doesn't know the answer to a question, she will always make a call to find out the answer. Patti is a true Concord role model for the attribute of “team oriented”. Thank you, Patti, for always helping and being so kind to your fellow team members!

Kimberly B.
Leasing Professional

Kimberly B, Spring Lake Cove – Leasing Professional, started her career with Concord at Rolling Acres and Spring Lake Cove as a new Leasing Professional at the beginning of 2018. Within a few months she was assigned to Spring Lake Cove permanently. Spring Lake Cove is a complex community with multiple set asides and two phases with family and senior residents. It is also a community that experiences some difficult occupancy challenges. Kimberly had to change her whole way of thinking and her daily tasks to adapt to the challenges at this community. She exhibited true flexibility through her marketing efforts, overcoming challenging residents, changing office hours, and frequently being at the community by herself as her Community Director oversees two communities. After overcoming the initial occupancy challenges, she has started floating to assist other communities in need. Kimberly has demonstrated that she enjoys new situations, helping other communities, and doing what is best for Concord. Thank you, Kimberly, for going above and beyond in your role. You are truly a model Concord team member!

Ivette M.
Supervisory Accountant

Ivete M, CSC – Supervisory Accountant, has demonstrated how adaptable she is within the Accounting Department. Ivete recently had to adapt to a new supervisor and their management style, as well as a new department structure. She assumed additional responsibilities, including the tax and insurance escrow analysis. All the while, she continued to provide training to new team members and keep up with her regular duties as a Supervisory Accountant. Ivete tackled all of the changes with a can-do and easy going attitude. None of the changes overwhelmed Ivete and she's always willing to provide additional help where needed. Thank you, Ivete, for being so adaptable which makes you a valued member of the Accounting Team!

Guillermo C.
Assistant Service Manager

Guillermo C, Bridgewater Club – Service Technician, constantly goes above and beyond any task that he does. He does everything within his power to make sure that the work has been correctly completed, and always ensure that the resident is happy. Guillermo understands that if he is not 100% sure of something that he is not afraid to ask or look up the correct and safe way to complete the job. Every work order he does is not only in a timely manner, but he double and triple checks it so that there is little to no chance that we will have to ever good back for that same issue. He also makes sure that he actually finds the issue and fixes only that issue, not just replacing part after part till he finds something that happens to work. Because of his efforts he has helped us lower the amount of supplies needed and replacements of many items. Working with him I have yet to go more than two days without residents stopping to say how professional and polite he is. In many cases they have said some of the issues he resolved have been looked at and "fixed" many times before and somehow after his job it seems to finally be fixed. Thank you, Guillermo, for you knowledgeable support that leads to effective problem resolution and happy residents!

Chris S.
Service Manager

Chris S, Florida Region – Floating Service Manager, has been part of the Concord Service Team for over 10 years and has been instrumental in using his knowledge to initiate creative and positive change. Being an experienced and highly skilled team member, his assistance has been sought to assist on projects and to train fellow team members. Chris currently floats at a number of properties and takes ownership when he is onsite to ensure all maintenance needs are effectively met. He is a expert craftsman in his own right and has saved us thousands of dollars in utilizing his knowledge to problem solve and resolve major maintenance issues through the years. If you talk to anyone who knows Chris, they will agree his knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to our Concord team. Thank you, Chris for utilizing your knowledge to assist your communities and fellow team members to be their best!

Justin S.
Service Manager

Justin S, Bradley Pointe – Service Manager, goes above and beyond his title of Service Manager. When the property lost its Community Director, Justin stepped up to take on roles not required of him. One example of this dedication is the recent DCS inspection which took place at the community. He single handedly took care of the contractor scheduling and submitted required documentation to our Senior Compliance Analyst. Without Justin proactively assuming this task, the community may still be dealing with the DCA inspection list today. Justin is much appreciated for the great pride he demonstrates for his work and the community. Thank you, Justin, for being proactive in looking out for the needs of your community!

Angela R.
Centralized Specialist

Angela R, Centralized Analytics Team – Centralized Specialist, has stepped up as a leader of the Centralized Analytics Renewal Team. Angela is proactive in taking the time to teach others so they may be successful in their work. Her personal work ethic ensures that her responsibilities are performed in an accurate and timely manner. She is proactive in identifying and implementing solutions to overcome challenges encountered by the team. Angela is quick to help others when she senses assistance may be needed. In addition, Angela is highly respected by the on-site team members that she has the opportunity to work with. Angela, thank you for being both accountable and proactive in your the many contributions which make the team a success!

Ana H.
Community Director

Ana H, Ashton Creek – Community Director, relocated from the west coast of Florida to the Atlanta area at the end of June and transferred to Ashton Creek at the beginning of July. Ana jumped right in and began making a positive impact at the community. She held resident events to introduce herself and the new Service Manager, and also hosted a back to school event. These events have already resulted in relationship building between management and residents. In addition, Ana provided focus on HUD collection issues which enabled the community to collect over $5,000 in outstanding HUD payments from residents. Ana's initiative during her first 30 days has already made a tremendous impact at Ashton Creek!

Maritza R.
Regional Manager

Maritza, Regional Manager, is recognized for the encouragement she provides her teams. She consistently encourages her Community Directors and Service Managers to share ideas, strategies, and accomplishments with one another. Through this process they find the best way to streamline practices to become more efficient. In addition, Maritza’s knowledge and guidance enables her individual communities to combine their efforts and talents to achieve more as a collective group. She is always there to support her communities (even on her days off) and encourages them to support each other along the way. Maritza lends these same talents to develop relationships with other departments to foster effective teamwork across the organization. Maritza’s commitment to developing effective teams that accomplish more by working together is much appreciated!

Rosel P.
Service Manager

Rosel, Floating Service Manager, focuses on team goals and prioritizes his own work to make sure those goals are met. As Rosel assists his sites, he becomes a part of their teams and participates in their team functions. Recently during capital preparation it was noted that several projects were completed and looked exceptional, and when an inquiry was made as to who completed the work, it was Rosel. He is always there to help others meet their deadlines and uses teamwork on a daily basis to accomplish his objectives. Rosel is quick to volunteer whenever a community needs assistance. Rosel’s communities feel that they are lucky to have him as an integral member of their teams. Thank you, Rosel, for your exceptional team efforts which result in the completion of a large quantity of high quality work!

Shawn N.
Regional Maintenance Coordinator

Shawn, Regional Maintenance Coordinator, puts the needs of others before his own. He takes the utmost pride in the communities he support, checks in to make sure things are going in the proper direction, is attentive to fellow team members’ needs, and provides great follow-up! Recently while visiting River Ridge, he was made aware of a plumbing issue at Dean Woods which was causing water to back up into a resident’s tub. He went over immediately to meet and work with the plumber so that the clog could be promptly resolved. Shawn is always willing help with anything that could improve a team member’s or resident’s day. He has incredible ideas and always projects positive energy. Shawn is much appreciated and respected by his fellow team members for his exceptional customer service and professionalism!