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ConcordRENTS Earns 2021 Aetna Workplace Well-being Award
This Award recognizes strong commitment to providing workplace wellness resources, programs, and support for employees.

ConcordRENTS is proud to announce that we have received an Above and Beyond Silver level Aetna Workplace Well-being Award. As an employer with a strong commitment to improving the health of our employees, we feature a comprehensive well-being strategy that our employees are passionate about. This award is the culmination of our employees’ desire to live healthier, more active lives and make well-being a priority.

Our workplace well-being program focuses on creating and maintaining an active lifestyle with programs such as:  Attain, Get Active, Fitness Reimbursement, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Simple Steps, Preventative Care, and much more!  
“The recognition from Aetna celebrating ConcordRENTS’ Wellness program, as well as the health milestones of our team members, further attests the commitment our team members have made to take action in maximizing their underlying health.  We are excited to see our team members respond so favorably to the commitment we have made to bring awareness to overall health and we hope our incentive programs, vaccine and otherwise, will further motivate those to continue in their pursuit of maximizing their health,” says Jonathan Thomas, President of ConcordRENTS.

Our award application and well-being program was honored based upon our superior performance in the following areas:
•    Excellent health management strategy
•    Created a well-being communication plan
•    Great participation in the well-being program along with a robust incentive
•    Evaluated the well-being programs and shared results

“Congratulations to ConcordRENTS,” says Stacia Lyman, Aetna Senior Wellness Consultant. Stacia Lyman. “This recognition shows how they continued to emphasize the importance of employee well-being in addition to addressing the COVID-19 challenges. We’re proud to be partnered with ConcordRENTS.”  

About the Award
•    Employers complete the award application using data from their most recent 12-month program year. This includes information on their well-being strategy and design, communications and organizational engagement, and program implementation and evaluation.
•    Available to Aetna middle market and public and labor employer segments in the United States with a minimum of 100 employees. This includes fully-insured and self-funded employers with an Aetna medical plan.
•    A peer review committee made up of well-being professionals with an average of 25 years of experience reviewed and scored all applications based on pre-defined criteria.
•    Awards established in 2017.
a purple award ribbon with the words above and beyond workplace well being silver winner