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Accelerating Raising Minimum Wage

ConcordRENTS Accelerates Raising Minimum Wage To $20 Per Hour!

Maitland, FL ConcordRENTS, the leading affordable multifamily-housing provider in Central Florida, announced plans to expedite an increase to the minimum wage for all full-time employees to $20 per hour.  ConcordRENTS is proud to be a leader in our industry by challenging the status quo in our commitment to pay a living wage.  We previously committed to ensuring all team members would make at least $20 per hour by 2026.  We are now accelerating this commitment to create a more immediate pathway to at least $20 per hour within 6 months of joining ConcordRENTS and with satisfactory performance.  We remain proud of our ability to advance our investment in our valued team members.
We want to acknowledge our employees for their efforts in caring for our residents and the communities in which they reside. said Jonathan Thomas, President of ConcordRENTS.  There will also be ample opportunity in the interim for hard working employees already near this wage to continue to earn increasing levels of compensation and positions of increasing opportunity, he added.
ConcordRENTS is comprised of over 500 employees who are committed to providing a quality housing experience for their residents.  Employees are recognized for their commitment through annual merit increases, company-subsidized health insurance, and extensive training opportunities that foster career advancement.    
As it is important for each employee to plan for a financially secure future, ConcordRENTS offers a rich 401-K program that includes a company match of up to $5,250 per year.   The program offers a company match of 150% on the first $1,000 invested by an eligible employee, while continuing with existing matching levels for additional contributions made.  
In addition to its commitment to employees, ConcordRENTS has been a stalwart in providing exceptional housing to its approximate 40,000 residents in Florida, including over 24,000 residents enjoying below market rents offered through their extensive network of affordable housing. 
If you would like to learn more about ConcordRENTS and its commitment to employees and the community, visit