Hurricane Prep Tips

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With Hurricane Season in full swing, this is a good time to provide some helpful tips and information about how to prepare for a hurricane.

Getting water – If your local grocery store has run out of bottled water, don’t worry! Fill some Tupperware, sealable containers/bags, with tap water and place those containers in your freezer for some emergency drinking water.

Storing valuables – Any important pictures and documents can be stored in plastic bins and placed in high up places to prevent them from being water damaged in case of flooding.

Making an Emergency bag – Put together a bag with supplies such as bottled water, non-perishable food/snacks, batteries, flashlights, radios, medical supplies, first aid kits, and copies of important documents. Go over all the contents of the bag with any household guests and keep it in a location where it will be easy to grab in case you need to evacuate.

Follow the links below for even more tips and information to help you prepare for Hurricane Season:

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