Budget Travel Tips

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Here are some simple tips you can follow to save some money and still have a great time on your vacation!

  • Avoid peak travel times – With a little bit of research on your destination, you can figure out what time of year has the least expensive airfare and lodging.
  • Hotel alternatives – If you don't mind doing without some amenities provided by hotels, look into other options to find a play to stay. This includes hostels, Airbnb, and couchsurfing.
  • Consider a staycation – Sometimes there's nothing better than taking some time off to relax in the comfort of your own home. You can also take this time to explore different parts of the city or take short day trips to local attractions.
  • Last minute getaway – Online services such as HotelTonight will highlight unsold hotel rooms for a quick weekend escape.
  • Be aware of what's included in your ticket – When searching for a flight, make sure you know if the airline includes checked bags, Wi-Fi, or other services in their price. You might find that a cheaper ticket ends up being more expensive if you also need to pay for a checked bag.
  • Traveling light – If you've only packed a backpack, take advantage of inexpensive rates from budget airlines!
  • Sign up for travel rewards – Many sites and services will reward you for your loyalty, and some will even send you discounts right away just for signing up for their program!
  • Free activities – Many destinations offer art galleries, museums, walking tours, and state or national parks that allow entry free of charge.
  • Avoid airport snacks – Prices for goods and services at the airport are high, and even higher once you pass the security checkpoint. While you can't take drinks through the checkpoint, you can still pack some snacks to enjoy during a long trip.

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