Personal Finance Apps

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With smartphones getting smarter, today we're going to highlight some applications that will help you manage your finances.

Budgeting: YNAB/Mint/EveryDollar

These are considered jack-of-all-trades apps that will help you track your finances. They assist in making the best decisions in budgeting, avoiding debt, and setting goals. Each application also has some unique added benefits. For example, YNAB has a personal support team that can be contacted for personalized budgeting strategy, while Mint has tools to monitor your credit scores.

Send and receive: Venmo/CashApp

Apps like these make life a whole lot easier by providing a quick and secure way to send and receive money. They keep track of every dollar transferred and are very useful for splitting rent and groceries. Best of all, many of the transactions are free of charge!

Saving: Acorn/Digit

Unlike a regular savings account, these apps will help you by investing pennies on the dollar from each transaction and contributing a percentage of what you invest over time. With the help of some of the budgeting apps above, you can be on your way to saving up for an emergency fund or even your next vacation.

Deals and coupons: slickdeals/SnipSnap

Taking advantage of deals and coupons are a great way to save money on necessities. These apps share the best deals from many reputable merchants without the stress of having to flip through pages in your Sunday paper. Slickdeals is a community-centered app that relies on others to share and vote on the best deals, while SnipSnap helps you organize by taking photos of your paper coupons and storing them digitally for easy use at the check-out line.


In addition to these, take advantage of other great apps from your favorite retailers that can offer exclusive savings and rewards.

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