Cooking on a Budget

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Here are some quick tips that’ll help you save money and eat healthy!

Buy inexpensive meat: Pork shoulder, chicken thighs, and ground beef are all versatile meats that can be cooked for a variety of delicious meals.

Use seasonal ingredients: The quality and price of fruits and vegetables are much better when they are in season. Through the fall, avocados, chili peppers, corn, and cucumbers are examples of foods that will be in season.

Use a slow cooker: Because some of the inexpensive cuts of meat tend to be tougher, use a slow cooker and cook them over low heat over a long period of time to make them nice and tender.

Learn leftover recipes: Turn your leftover chicken into enchiladas and chicken soup, or turn your beef leftovers into pies and stews. You can find many meals to turn your leftovers into by following this link.

Learn budget recipes: Use resources like BudgetBytes, that specialize in providing affordable meal ideas. In addition to providing instructions to cook the meal, they also list the estimated cost per recipe right down to the ingredients!

Happy cooking!

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