Apartment Home Living on a Budget

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Getting your expenses just right can be a difficult thing to do. Here at Concord, we’re always looking for ways to help residents and employees alike in saving some extra cash, especially with the Holidays coming up! There are tons of little things you can do that can add up to big savings.

Whether you just moved into your first apartment home here at Concord Rents, or you’ve been a long time resident with us, we hope these tips help!

Kitchen Appliances

Limit the amount of times you open the refrigerator to keep warm air from entering. This keeps the refrigerator from having to overwork to keep the temperature just right.

Using the dishwasher too frequently consumes a lot of water and electricity, space out the amount of times you use a dishwasher by only washing full loads.

Ovens are big energy consumers. Cooking your meals on a stove top can lead to some great savings. You can also consider getting a toaster oven, which consume much less energy. Did you know they’re amazing for reheating pizza?

Lights and Electronics

Even when turned off, many electronics and appliances continue to draw energy. It’s good practice to unplug items that you aren’t using.

Air Conditioning

If you’re on your way out and nobody else is home (pets included!), you may want to adjust the A/C before you head out the door.

If you need to drastically change the temperature to be more comfortable, try to do it slowly, one degree at a time. This will make sure you don’t overwork your A/C. Remember, drastically lowering your thermostat all at once will not provide immediate results.

Remember to turn off ceiling fans in rooms they aren’t being used!

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