Smart Grocery Shopping

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Did you know that primary shoppers of multi-person households spend an average of $118 a week on groceries?* That’s more than $6,000 a year! There’s several ways to cut down on spending, and today, we’re going to go over a few things you can do to save a little extra on that weekly bill.

Buy dry foods online – If you don’t mind waiting a few days for delivery, sometimes certain dry food can be found cheaper online. This can be a great strategy to adopt, and that’s also one less trip to the supermarket!

Check price per unit – Price tags at supermarkets nowadays give you much more information. By checking the “per unit” price on the tags, you can see if an item is really cheaper. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to decide whether to buy a large package or several smaller packages of the same item.

Sales – Pay attention to what kind of sales your local supermarket is running and when those sales end. Be careful not to buy something that’s on sale just because it’s on sale.

Coupons – This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think “smart grocery shopping.” Coupons are easy to get if you know where to look. Sunday papers, manufacturer’s websites, and sometimes, right on the packaging of what you’re buying!

Meal planning – A few weeks ago we made a post about “Meal Prep Sunday.” Combining those ideas with these tips will help you stretch your dollar.

Stick to a grocery list – It can be pretty tempting to buy too much when you’re walking around buying what you need. Especially if you’re shopping hungry! If you know exactly what you’re spending, bring just enough cash with you on your trip to avoid buying extra.

We hope some of these tips will help you on your next trip to the supermarket!


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