Save Money on Pet Expenses

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Whether you’re living in Belle Isle, Fountains at Millenia, or one of our many other pet-friendly communities, we love our pets! This blog will help you save money while still being able to spoil your furry friends.

Exercise – Keeping your pet healthy and happy with regular exercise will prevent you from having expensive pet bills.

Pet meds online – There are many websites that will ship pet meds directly to you! This option is much more convenient and usually cheaper than going to your local store.

Make your own pet toys – Check out this website for some great ideas for homemade pet toys.

Training – Instead of spending money on expensive pet training classes, research pet training on Google or YouTube and train from the comfort of your own home!

Brush teeth daily – Professional dental cleaning and extractions can be two of the most expensive vet bills from regular visits. By cleaning your pet’s teeth frequently at home, you can increase their health and lower your vet bill.

Thrifting – Thrift stores can be a great resource for buying pet supplies such as crates and scratch posts.

Pet sitting – Going on a trip? Instead of dropping your pet off at a local kennel, ask or hire a friend or family member to help care for them while you’re away!

Coupons – Many pet food manufacturers have coupons available on their websites and newsletters. With a little research, you can save big bucks on some of the more frequent expenses.

Adopt – Adopting your pet from a local shelter is a great route to go through to save money on upfront costs. Many shelters even cover vaccination and offer freebies when adopting your new friend!

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